n. calendering, act of pressing or smoothing material by running it through a calender; lutestring, shiny silk fabric; shiny narrow ribbon lus·tre || 'lʌstə(r) n. gloss, shine, sheen; substance which gives a surface a gloss, polish; radiance, brightness; glory, splendor; cut glass ornament on a chandelier; chandelier or other light decorated with cut glass ornaments; synthetic shiny fabric (also luster) v. coat with a glossy finish, give a sheen to; make lustrous, cause to shine; become lustrous (also luster)

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • lustring — I. noun Etymology: modification of Italian lustrino Date: 1697 archaic lutestring II. noun Etymology: lustring, gerund of 3luster Date: circa 1889 a finishing process (as calendering) for giving a gloss to yarns and cloth …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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